Action Alert: Urge Your Senator To Vote “NO” On Bernie Sanders’ Anti-Israel Resolution!

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is scheduled today to force a vote on his Senate Resolution 504 that will use a provision in the Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) to require the U.S. State Department to report within 30 days on Israel’s “human rights abuses” during its conduct of the war against Hamas. Failure to do so would result in the freezing of aid to Israel.

This FAA tactic has never before been voted on in regard to any other country!

The ultimate intent of the resolution is clearly to cut billions of dollars of aid to Israel!

The Biden Administration opposes the resolution. The Departments of State and Defense have already determined that the aid Israel is receiving is in compliance with its requirements that it is being used for self-defense purposes and that necessary precautions are being taken to minimize civilian casualties.

There is no purpose for this resolution other than to harm Israel!

The resolution will be determined by a simple majority, so every vote counts. We must help defeat this attempt to undermine Israel and send a loud and clear message to all of our Senators and to the nation that support for Israel is strong and steadfast!

Please fill in your address by clicking here to pull up the email addresses and phone numbers of your Senators and brief talking points.

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