ACTION ALERT: Agudah Calls On Kehilla To Urge For Increased Education Funding

Dear friends,

As we are well aware, government funding to our yeshivos is limited. One of the few sources of funding available for our children is for students in need of compensatory education. Through ‘Chapter 192 Funding’ the State provides compensatory instruction in Language Arts and Math to many of our needy children.

Unfortunately, in the governors proposed budget there is an expectation of nearly 9,000 additional students needing these services, with no additional funding allocated for these new children. That means the amount each child will receive will be significantly less than is necessary.

Currently there is a $43 million allocation for this program. If there are an additional 9,000 children receiving services, which each per pupil cost at $1,040, the allocation would need to be $52 million, that’s a $9 million discrepancy. If this gap is not filled, the services will be severely diminished.

Another critical budget item is transportation funding.

The per-pupil amount for nonpublic transportation is $1,022.00

Given the fact that legislation was enacted in 2003 which provided for an increase in the nonpublic transportation ceiling commensurate with the Consumer Price Index figure, the amount each eligible student receives should be at least $1,300.00.

Therefore, we are asking for an increase of at least $280.00 per pupil to a minimum of $1.300.00 in an attempt to get more transportation for our children and to assist parents who need to find alternatives to busing. For FY ’23, the amount per-pupil was increased by $22.00 to $1,022 – hardly an increase which would create significant additional students being transported.

At the end of June, the Legislature will vote and pass a final budget. It is crucial that we act now, and ask them to increase funds for Chapter 192 Funding as well as increase the funding for transportation.

Please click here to submit a letter asking the legislative leadership to give our children their fair share and increase funding.

Thank you for taking action!

Avi Schnall

Director New Jersey Office

Agudath Israel of America

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