7 Months Ago, Yehuda Aryeh Leib Was Playing Music At Weddings, Click Here For His Update

I am reaching out to you on behalf of my nephew, Yehuda Aryeh Leib Ben Esther Elka who can no longer speak no hear.

Yehuda is a 25 year old father of three adorable children who up until 7 months ago used to play by weddings, he used to be mesamech Yiddishe kinder and as his chesed he would go to hospitals to play music for sick children.


Unfortunately he has been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancr H”y and he is slowly debilitating. Since he is a father of young kids and his wife is busy tending to their little kids they have moved in to his mother/ my sisters house so she can take care of him. His parents take care of his needs round the clock often missing work to be with him in the hospital for treatment. My sister and her husband who both work full time have always lived paycheck to paycheck barely covering their monthly expenses. Chicken is for shabbos, their weekly dinners consists of what we eat for side dishes. Now they have her son and his family which is another five mouths to feed. Additionally they are dealing with astronomical costs, some of it being for private doctors, alternative doctors to ease Yehuda’s pain, help to bathe and clean him, transportation to the hospital for all his treatments and much much more. Special tzaddikim come up to play and sing for Yehuda and the family has a hard time just keeping up with buying refreshments to put out as the expenses keep piling up.


His father and mother keep missing work to take him to treatment which costs them deductions to their already measly paychecks. Due to the circumstances they have been unable to cover their rent for the past seven months 3500 NIS per month totaling to 24,500 NIS. I as a brother wants to get them to pay the rent they owe, plus rent for the next year and to give them financial support to help ease their pain and suffering.

let this Tzedakah be a Zchus for you and your family that you should always be on the giving end, stay healthy and see much Nachas from your family.


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