100+ Rabbanim Sign Letter Unequivocally Backing Hatzolah, Condemning Hatzulas Nefashos

A large group of rabbanim – more than 100 in total – have signed a letter condemning Hatzulas Nefashos – the illegitimate Hatzolah of Central Jersey wannabe also known as Jackson Jewish Volunteer Ambulance Service – and squarely giving their backing to Hatzolah.

Lakewood Alerts has previously written about this organization, stressing the dangers it poses to the greater Lakewood kehilla.

Note: Out of respect for the Rabbanim signed on this letter, the comment section has been locked.

The letter reads as follows:

It has come to our attention that a new EMS organization, which portrays itself as a new Hatzolah, has begun operating in Lakewood and its surrounding towns. This new organization has the potential to undermine Hatzolah of Central Jersey and their ability to deliver high quality emergency basic and advanced medical care to the communities of Lakewood and its surrounding towns. We believe that this unsanctioned action can ultimately lead to Pikuach Nefashos in many ways.

The Central Jersey Hatzolah (formerly Lakewood Hatzolah) leadership has always been proactive, professional, and responsible by adding additional members as needed. All of Hatzolah’s volunteers have gone through vigorous vetting and training prior to being placed in service. The Hatzolah EMS members/responder team continues to expand, with the constant addition of members and ambulances, determined to meet the demands of the ever growing population.

We would like to clearly state that only Hatzolah of Central Jersey has the unanimous backing of all the Rabbanim, who condemn any and all efforts that have the potential of undermining Hatzolah of Central Jersey in any way. Only Hatzolah of Central Jersey operates under the guidance and auspices of a Vaad Harabanim that guarantees that all operations and patient interactions are conducted al derech hatorah v’halacha.

Any individual that affiliates themselves with this new organization or becomes a member of this new organization is doing so against Daas Torah. 

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